Tankless water heater for a safer home

By | October 16, 2016

With a little bit of luck, I was able to survive up to this day. 


Last week I was doing my regular business at my home, cleaning, and D.I.Y. a doghouse, when I heard a strange noise from the cellar. I rushed there and when I arrived my boiler exploded. I was 3 feet away from that. It destroyed the cupboard next to it and left a very big black spot on the wall. Fortunately, the pressure pushed me away. I hit my head so hard that I nearly fainted and by the boiling water, that ran out of the boiler my leg burned through my jeans.

I had to stop the gushing water by shutting off the whole water system in my house. It prevented the water to flow through the leak of the system. I could call some of my friends before all of the energies left my body.

Of course, after that incident, I needed a lot of help. Two of my friends helped to get the water out of my cellar, while another of my friends drove me to the nearest hospital. There they treated my wounds and they forced me to stay in the hospital over the night.

In the morning they inspected my status again, and they let me went home.

Thanks to my friends, when I arrived there was no sign of the event. They handled the situation. I don’t know how big damage could be caused to my house if they didn’t help me out.

Now, I’m fully recovered and want my water system to run again. To do this I have two options:

  • Buy another boiler
  • Install a tankless water heater

I like the second option because that could not explode in the future.

I already looked for the best tankless water heater: www.primeheaters.com, which I found on the site I linked. This has several security processes, which could prevent any event like I experienced. It is a little bit more expensive, but who cares if it means to be safe.

With this tankless water heater maybe I could sleep without the fear of laying on a counting bomb.