Treasure in the garden – So glad I found this metal detector

By | January 15, 2017

Hello Guys!

I still can’t believe what we found in my best friend’s garden, and if I’m right you won’t either.

5 days ago I helped Johny (my best friend for 20 years) to move into his new house. We packed and placed all the furniture he has and brought all the paper boxes he could get. But before that we let his dog get to know his new place, the whole garden.

After we finished packing, we found his dog as it already dug in the garden in several spots. We didn’t know why so we had to investigate it. We found nothing special, just some old piece of toys and coins. Maybe the last owner of the house dug the garden to plant grass or something like that, we did not give it too much attention.

But next day Johny called me, that his dog won’t stop digging and he told me that he is sure that something must be around. So I traveled to him with some tools in my car:

We already had two spades, but we still needed a metal detector, in order not to dig the whole garden. So, with curiosity, we searched on the internet to find the best metal detector for the money, because we didn’t want to spend all of our saved money on that. We found a site full of reviews about metal detectors: Pick My Metal Detector. We found a middle-class product and we ordered it. Just like ants in our pants, we were so excited like small children. We could not even wait for the delivery.

The metal detector arrived yesterday. After a round in his garden, Johny found a spot, where both the machine beeped and the dog dug. We dug for an hour and we found a coffer, that looked like a hundred years old piece of history.

With a crowbar, we opened it and after a minute of silence, we realised that we found a time capsule from 1920! it survived more than 90 years. As the writings said on it, it should be opened after 50 years, but that’s nearly double that time.

We found some cool stuff inside and a letter which explained how they thought the world would look like after 50 years. It was a quite accurate guess. And it was a really good experience for us.

We both new that we won’t get rich from this treasure, but that metal detector still worths its price!